the albino eyes

The Albino Eyes

David Thompson   Vox + Guitar

Martin Konings   Guitar + Mix

Leigh Nelson   Drums + Percussion

Anthony Stavljanin   Bass + Guitar

oranges for angels

The flame sparked in 2013 with the release of The Albino Eyes' brooding, self titled debut album – an off-the-cuff assembly of tunes inspired by an infatuation with Post Punk, Alt Country, Brit Pop and Trip Hop.

2015 saw The Albino Eyes' unique sound quickly evolve, to establish themselves as one of Australia's most thought provoking bands, releasing the critically acclaimed 'Buchowski Kiss'. An album that oozed simplicity yet embraced complexity all in the same moment, or as one reviewer commented, "a thousand plays could never be enough to fully consume it".

In 2016, The Albino Eyes return with their most accomplished and eclectic work to date – 'Oranges for Angels'. Recorded and produced once again by the band, 'Oranges for Angels' sees The Albino Eyes hone their sonic and witty lyrical skills to a knife edge while leaping further into uncharted territory. An album that effortlessly time travels from the summer of love through the winter of discontent into the future and beyond. A genre-hopping collection of 16 musical tales that will make you laugh, cry, blush and shiver.


The Albino Eyes


buchowski kiss (2015)

"This is what happens when a British exile gangs up with a bunch of Aussie misfits. A souped-up-ute of a journey through modern Australia. A pop culture mash up of UFO spotting, swingers clubs and broken-heart tattoos, liberally sprinkled with classic pop hooks. It's like a box of dog-eared records by Blur, Nick Cave and the Buzzcocks somehow got loaded into a cracked jukebox in some dusty Outback bar."

John Perry NME

The Albino Eyes' defiantly catchy self portrait 'Buchowski Kiss' is the follow up to their 2013 debut album and was produced by the band with additional production by Nick O'Donnell (Saint Hughs, [26]).

Listen to 'Shooting Stars' or 'Alien Youth' to hear the band at its singalong indie best, or perhaps 'Southern Cross' or 'Blue Gum Tree' if you want to hear their introspective take on life in Australia. Maybe 'Narcissism Begins at Home' for the darker side…


The Albino Eyes